Family owned and operated since 1979, D. L. Kennedy & Son-Setty's, formerly known as  Setty's Window & Gutter Cleaning, has been serving the Greater Cincinnati area for over thirty years. The business started with just one man, Lou Setty. After years of gaining customers and acquiring a reputable name, Setty's increased not only their manpower, but Lou's son also opened his own sub company. In 2003, we, David & Sandra Kennedy, opened D.L. Kennedy & Son as an additional sub company from Setty's. In 2011 my father Lou made the decision to be semi-retired. It was then that we took over Setty's and formed D.L. Kennedy & Son-Setty's Window & Gutter Cleaning.

Here at D.L. Kennedy & Son we take pride in our business, offer top notch customer service and value our loyal customer base as well as new customers. At D.L. Kennedy & Son, we accept customers with NO CONTRACTS. Unlike some of the other companies you may have dealt with in the past, you are free to have your windows and gutters cleaned when you see fit or are ready, not when a contract says you are ready.

Our customer base is both commercial and residential. Our services include: window cleaning, screen cleaning, gutter cleaning, small gutter repair, some guard installations and pressure washing. We offer free estimates; are fully insured and carry all the necessary paperwork for insurance and Workers Compensation to all job sites.

David and I are blessed with three children. Dustin, Lynsey, and Brooklyn are a very big help to mom and dad. Dustin, who is just old enough, will be joining his father David, this summer on some job sites. We currently reside on the east side in New Richmond.

We look forward to hearing from you. If there is anything we can do for you or any questions we can answer, please do not hesitate to call.


Sandra Kennedy, Owner

D.L. Kennedy & Son-Setty's Window & Guutter Cleaning